Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chapter 10 for real this time!

Those of you who came for book study last week know that we got distracted. Let's try Chapter 10 again this week.

Meanwhile, be thinking of songs you want to have included in the supplemental song book. They can be praise songs, older non-hymn Christian music, hymns that aren't in the blue hymnal, spirituals — any music that you believe would give glory to God in our worship services.

You can call me at 560-1407, e-mail me at, call or e-mail Karyn Reid, put a note in the collection plate or leave one in the church office. You can also leave a message on the church phone, 967-2463. Please include your name in case we need more information about the songs you request.

And, you can use the same mechanisms to tell us what songs from the hymnal you'd like to sing in worship.

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