Friday, August 6, 2010

A Geography of God, Ch. 5

These are sample questions for Chapter 5, which we will discuss on Aug. 8. I know several members of the group will be out of town, so this discussion may continue on Aug. 15. I apologize for the delay in posting these questions. Marc's surgery went well and he anticipates being able to attend worship on Sunday. Thank you for your prayers!

Chapter 5:

Lindvall writes about the balance between head and heart. “If your faith is in your head only, it will eventually ossify into an arid and lifeless religiosity. If your faith is in your heart only, it will eventually devolve into some amorphous and emotive spirituality.” That is far different from the image that most non-Christians have of people of faith. Why do you think society does not see us clearly?

What happens in your life when the balance tilts too far in either direction?

If we cannot understand everything about faith or God, is there value in understanding as much as we can?

Lindvall also talks about a cart-and-horse phenomenon: The only way to know God is to follow him. But, in order to follow, you have to believe that God is worth following. This seems like a paradox, but it also pulls people deeper into faith as they enter deeper into participation. What does that mean for the Rico congregation?

What is the difference between believing as an individual (i.e., believing that an idea is true for you) and believing as a community (i.e. believing that an idea is universally true). Do you believe that non-Christians are wrong about God?

In matters of faith, does it make sense to try, intellectually, to balance risk and reward?

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